Fatima Hajji

Fatima Hajji

Discover the vibrant and electric journey of Fátima Hajji, a DJ and producer who has taken the world of electronic music to new heights. Born in Salamanca and embraced by the bustling scene of Madrid, Fátima is an unstoppable force that has left her mark on the industry for almost two decades.

With an unmistakable style and a fiery passion for techno, Fátima Hajji has graced stages across Europe, from iconic festivals like Awakenings and Tomorrowland to legendary clubs such as Tresor in Berlin and La Villa Rouge in France. Her ability to blend classic analog sounds with the latest Tech-house trends has made her a standout figure in the global electronic music scene.

Beyond her musical prowess, Fátima is a visionary entrepreneur. As the head of her own label, SILVER M, she not only releases music from her favorite producers but also organizes events under the same name in iconic locations like Ibiza, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. Her commitment to art and her knack for creating unique experiences have positioned her as a prominent figure in the world of electronic music.

With Arab roots and a deep connection to nature, Fátima Hajji is more than just a DJ; she is an animal lover, a fan of vibrant colors, and the mastermind behind ruthless grooves that make her music the perfect remedy for enjoyment. Despite her youth, she has left an indelible mark on renowned festivals in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Spain, among others.

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