Morat, a Colombian band consisting of Juan Pablo Isaza, Juan Pablo Villamil, Martín Vargas, and Simón Vargas, has captivated audiences with their musical magic, innate talent, and hardworking approach. From their humble beginnings in school, they have traversed a path of artistic growth, moving from playing in small venues to filling stadiums.

Their musical journey began simply, without grand expectations—just a desire to enjoy music and share their art with friends. However, their hardworking and dedicated attitude propelled them beyond local boundaries and forged a successful musical career.

The group stood out for their collaborative approach to composition, blending ideas from each member to create songs that capture the essence of their youthful souls. It was during a meeting with producer Mauricio Rengifo from Cali and the Dandee that they took a significant leap by composing "Mi nuevo vicio" in just half an hour. This song became a viral phenomenon, changing the game for Morat and opening doors to new opportunities.

The connection with Paulina Rubio and the signing with Universal marked the beginning of their meteoric rise. Their debut album, "Sobre el amor y sus efectos secundarios," was acclaimed, highlighting the success of "Cómo te atreves" and "Cuánto me Duele." Morat has been awarded multiple times, solidifying their position as one of the most important breakthrough bands in the music scene.

The intensive tour across Spain and Mexico showcased their drawing power, filling iconic venues and leaving a mark in every city they visited. Their second album, "Balas Perdidas," took their music to new heights, exploring deeper themes and solidifying their status as folk-pop trailblazers.

The release of "Amor con Hielo" marked a new stage in Morat's career, showcasing their ability to evolve and surprise their fans. With each new song, Morat continues to achieve success and solidify their status as the biggest pop band in Spain and Latin America.

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