Juan Dávila

Juan Dávila

Discover the world of entertainment through one of the most prominent showmen, actors, and comedians in the Spanish scene. Known for his brilliant performances on Paramount Comedy, Comedy Central, and in successful series such as "El Incidente," "Acacias 38," and "Erase una vez, pero ya no," Juan Dávila guarantees laughs and fun at every presentation.

Juan Dávila is not only a talented comedian but also a versatile artist who has made his mark in different areas of the entertainment industry. His journey began when he decided to leave his position as a police officer in 2012 to pursue his passion for the world of entertainment. After completing his studies at the Orazza Studio for Actors, he took to the stage at La Chocita del Loro on Gran Vía, Madrid, where he began to garner success as a live comedian.

With recognition gained on stage and after recording several monologues for Paramount Comedy, Juan Dávila embarked on a successful tour throughout Spain, bringing his unique humor to thousands of viewers. But his talent is not limited to the world of live comedy; he has also made an indelible mark on Spanish television and cinema.

From his debut on the small screen with the series "El Incidente" on Antena 3, to his roles in renowned series such as "Sin Identidad," "Sabuesos," and "Acacias 38," Juan Dávila has demonstrated his versatility and ability to captivate audiences in every role he plays. Additionally, his presence in films such as "El hombre múltiple," "Identidad," and "El asesino de los caprichos" has established him as one of the most promising talents in contemporary Spanish cinema.

But Juan Dávila's magic is not limited to the big or small screen. He has also made his mark on theatrical stages, starring in plays such as "Todo irá bien," "Yerma," "Búffalo," and many more. His Improvisation company, Improclan, of which he is the founder and performer, has elevated the art of improvisation to new heights, earning applause from critics and audiences alike.

Immerse yourself in the world of Juan Dávila and discover the excitement of his solo shows, such as "La capital del pecado," "Ten Karma," and "La capital del pecado 2.0" at the Teatro Arlequín in Madrid.

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