Duki, born as Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo on June 24, 1996, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a prominent Argentine freestyler and singer. His passion for freestyle and rap was ignited by listening to the battles of Kodigo, a respected Argentine rapper. In 2013, he took his first steps in the world of battles, participating in Madero Free, where he triumphed in a remarkable "2 vs. 2."

Over the years, Duki has solidified his position in the Argentine music scene. His participation in events like El Quinto Escalón and El Campito Free VIII in 2015 and 2016 showcased his growing talent. In 2017, he achieved a significant victory in El Quinto Escalón alongside MKS against Paulo Londra and Beelze, marking a milestone in his career.

Duki's meteoric rise continued with the release of successful singles like "No Vendo Trap," "Hello Cotto," "Rockstar," and "Level Up." His collaboration with Bad Bunny on the remix version of "Loca" in 2018 expanded his international recognition.

In 2019, Duki released his debut album, "Súper Sangre Joven," solidifying his status as one of the leading figures in Argentine trap. This album was followed by a series of hits, including "Me Dejaste Así" and "Si Te Sentís Sola."

In 2020, Duki continued his streak of successful releases, presenting songs like "Perrea," "Goteo Remix," and "Como Si Na." During the lockdown, he surprised his fans with the EP "24," recorded in his home studio.

2021 marked another standout year for Duki, with the release of his second album, "Desde el fin del mundo," and notable collaborations on songs like Trueno's "Panamá" and "2:50 Remix" with Tini and Mya.

Duki has continued to reap successes in 2022 with singles such as "Interestelar" and "Esto recién comienza," and his participation in the "Rock and roll hall of fame" at the NBA All Star 2022. The release of "París" with Morat and the album "Temporada de reggaetón 2" showcase his versatility and ability to stay relevant in the music scene.

In February 2023, Duki continued his impressive career with the release of "Si me sobrara el tiempo," followed by collaborations like "Harakiri" with C.R.O. and "Apollo13." His participation in the remix of Bhavi's "Aeróbico" in August of the same year demonstrates his continued influence in the music scene.

Throughout the years, Duki has proven to be a versatile and visionary artist. His ability to evolve musically and his captivating stage presence make him a phenomenon in Latin American urban music. Don't miss the chance to experience it live at his concerts; secure your tickets with Rebel Tickets and be part of Duki's musical revolution. Buy your tickets now and don't miss the opportunity to witness the magic live!


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