Rauw Alejandro

Rauw Alejandro

Rauw Alejandro, born Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz in 1993 in the humble neighborhood of Palma Sola, Canóvanas (northern Puerto Rico), is a prominent urban music singer and composer.

Coming from a humble family with singing parents who separated when he was 10 years old, Rauw Alejandro grew up with his mother, sister and grandmother. Despite the challenges, his mother worked tirelessly to support the family while he dreamed of becoming a soccer player.

His path to stardom began on the streets of Carolina, where he trained as a musician. Initially, he posted his first reggaeton songs on Soundcloud, and his success was unstoppable. In 2020, he released his first album, "Afrodisíaco", with prominent collaborations such as J Balvin, marking the beginning of his meteoric rise.

Rauw Alejandro was not satisfied and continued his musical quest with his second studio album, "Vice versa", and his third album, "Saturno", which took him on international tours. In 2023, he surprised the world with the EP "RR", collaborating with Rosalia, his partner. Their relationship was made official at the 2019 Latin Grammys, and their sentimental and stylistic union catapulted them to the top of the global music scene.

The release of the single "Beso" in 2023 coincided with the release of the official video, revealing intimate moments of the couple and the presentation of an engagement ring to Rosalía.


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